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               Shelley Stein LCSW, CCATP 

Shelley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who for over 20 years has been providing individual, family and group therapy to those in the community experiencing emotional difficulties. She has worked with a diversity of clients including teens, adults, the elderly and the LGBTQ population.

Additionally, she has facilitated educational workshops to groups/corporations on a diversity of topics including grief, self-compassion and mindfulness. Shelley has an in depth understanding of grief after serving many years as a bereavement counselor in a hospice setting.

Shelley is an eclectic therapist in that she utilizes techniques tailored to each individual’s unique perspective and challenges they are currently facing. Her style mixes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Brief Solution Focused and utilizes tools from Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

She is trained in EMDR and a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional.

She is of the belief that people have greater inner strength then they realize and the first step toward helping her clients to achieve their goals is to create a safe and non-judgmental space In which to foster a trusting and collaborative relationship between therapist and client.


Shelley Stein, LMFT, CCATP

(561) 789-3447

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