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               Laura A. Melvin,  MS, LMHC ​

It is an honor when I can come alongside my client at a time in their life when things are out of control and I can assist them in making real-life changes through a strong therapeutic relationship and give them tools to utilize from our initial session.  As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor since 1992 and a Biblical Counselor since 1998,  I have developed a proactive approach over my 27 years of counseling while working with couples who have difficulty with communication breakdowns, infidelity, and intimacy issues. I personalize each client's treatment plan according to their spiritual, social, physical, intellectual, and relational needs. I believe that I can assist my client and their families in bringing balance back into their lives.

I use Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Rational Emotive Therapy, DBT, and Mindfulness techniques   I am trained in premarital/marital counseling and in the process of becoming a certified Relationship Expert. I love working with teenagers (especially the resistant ones!) and couples who have conflict resolution issues and trust breakdowns.  I believe in working with the whole person: Body, Mind, and Spirit.  I also have 20 plus years of experience in play therapy. I offer premier care 24/7 to clients who may need additional hands-on service beyond therapy sessions. I believe all should have access to trained professionals during difficult times one may experience in their lives, therefore I am able to accommodate those who may not have
insurance or may be experiencing financial hardship.

Laura Melvin,  MS, LMHC

1 (954) 325-1950

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