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              Jane Nolan, LCSW


For more than 25 years,  Jane has been a Licensed Clinical  Social Worker providing therapy to children, adults, couples, families, LGBTQ, HIV, and the Transgender community in New Jersey.  After relocating to Florida this year, she continues to work to assist her clients in empowering themselves and especially loves working with children and proving Play Therapy in dealing with trauma. Trauma also affects adults which Jane addresses in therapy often helping the patient through encouragement, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Experiential Techniques. “Working with women over the years has deepened my appreciation for the resilience we all possess”.


Jane is an eclectic therapist using different modes of therapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Crisis Counseling, Insight-Oriented Therapy, and Meditation along with others. Jane is on many insurance panels, has a flexible schedule, and looks forward to working with you. 

Jane Nolan, LCSW

(561) 216-9343

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